Building material stores factory price wheel dehumidifier dehumidifier desiccant dehumidifier

Building material stores factory price wheel dehumidifier dehumidifier desiccant dehumidifier
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Products Description
The central unit of HEPA hot air dryer desiccant rotor, mature processing technology,the important carrier of air handling unit, product name with absorption column, good feedback in desiccant dehumidifier field. most of them are customized.
Product Advantages
Honeycomb fiber paper coated with molecular sieve, high-efficiency in moisture absorption
High temperature resistance, long service life, simple maintenance, energy saving
Perfect using in industry dehumidification performance, reliable, continuously running
Product Details
honeycomb structure, molecular seive coated in inorganic fiber paper
dehumidifier central unit made in our own factory, exclusive formular
rotors size can be customized to suitable apply for different space
strong enough bearing, made in own workshop, ensure the rotors quality reliable
rotors bracket and holder, unique design, substantial, long service life in any operating environment
Hoisting rings, making it is convenient to and easily installation in any dehumidifying system
Application Field
At present, low temperature dehumidifier series is widely used in winter dehumidification, Lithium battery industrymedicine warehouse, fresh storage, large sports ice rink and other low-temperature environment, which have high requirements on humidity control.
Workshop Show
Our Advantages
1. Highly Cost-Effective, we are the real factory, not from some famous brand OEM, Of course we offer OEM products customized.
2. With more than 15 years of production experience, We are the earliest honeycomb rotors manufacturer in China.
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